Friday, 15 November 2013

Response 3: Falling

Can you imagine the shock Isaac Newton felt when sitting under that tree in the 1670s and an apple fell on his head?  I'll bet he was enjoying a lovely nap in the sunshine when he was rudely awakened.  What followed from this mathematician’s brain was the theory of universal gravitation.
I, on the other hand prefer to think the apple just fell.  Falling usually has bad connotations, falling down, falling over, falling downstairs, that blinking falling apple. 
But falling can have good connotations too, the falling snow in winter.  Making everything look crisp, white and clean, even my garden looks good in the snow!
Autumn, oh how I love autumn, all the falling leaves, the beautiful colours reds and oranges, falling in love whilst walking hand in hand through the leaves, hearing them crunch beneath our feet.  Covering ourselves in them whilst having a sneaky cuddle.  Falling is fabulous!

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  1. Starts with Newton, and ends with cuddles. What could be better?