Friday, 8 November 2013

Response 4: High stakes

Chan peered through his binoculars at the track. The jockey pinched his nose – the prearranged signal all was okay. He made a quick call and set the plan in motion. Millions of dollars were at stake, the fortunes of thousands worldwide.

Chan’s rise had been meteoric; from village rice farmer to head of the largest Asian betting syndicate in just 3 years. Luck had played a part but he soon learned you’re best giving it a helping hand.

The horses were in their traps now, partially obscured from view. It’s now or never. Chan gripped the binoculars tightly and waited.

There it was! To the casual observer it looked like a minor saddle adjustment but Chan knew that the drug had been administered.

The shot rang out, the horses bolted and the one that mattered exploded into the lead before seizing mid-gallop and collapsing, dead.

Should have stuck to farming!

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  1. This made me feel sad – cheating bastard!