Friday, 29 November 2013

Response 4: Keep dancing

"And now - the Bride and Groom will take their first dance!"

The lights, dim, and my new husband takes my hand, as I have just taken his.

'Endless Love' plays - that's what this is supposed to be – forever, true.

But what was it my cousin whispered behind her hand as I walked down the aisle? 
And why were there a few coughs and some shuffling when the vicar got to the "if anyone knows of any lawful reason why these persons should NOT be joined in matrimony, speak now….." bit?

Is it my imagination or does my Maid of Honour seem excessively teary?

And does my new husband seem slightly distant, even as he holds me close in this slow dance?

Have I made the latest stupid decision in my history of stupid decisions? 

Do I speak now, or forever hold my peace - and just keep dancing?

1 comment:

  1. My own effort. Not quite sure where this came from, as I was actually aiming for a really nice jolly little tale......