Friday, 8 November 2013

Response 5: Long shot

"Pete! What are the odds?"

It did seem like a long shot that we should meet right here, after all this time.

A summer's day, long ago - laughter and booze and ridiculous bets. The stable blocks were away from the course but smelled of horse piss so we found a barn. Piles of hay and items made of leather that I could only guess the use of. We found a use though..... yes, well.

I never saw her again, until now. A woman standing where once there was a girl.

She leaned in, a little too close, holding my arm. The smell of cheap bubbly and fags on her breath. Too much make-up, but I could see the flaws she was trying to hide. She hiccupped, belched a little, and giggled.

"Sorry. It's hardly Ascot, is it? Really though Pete - what are the chances?"

"Pretty slim, I'd say."


  1. It’s strange when you think back to some of the things you thought were acceptable in your youth. Never mind slim chance, no chance I’d say!