Friday, 15 November 2013

Response 7: Falling

Monday: log on, balance £330.  


Divide £330 into days left until payday - only £25.00 per day - doesn't sound too bad, sounds achievable, sounds quite a lot when you think of the 'properly poor' people, really! 
I'll take sarnies to work, create magical meals from my store-cupboard leftovers and walk everywhere - it'll be good for me!

Friday: must be doing better financially now, and probably DESERVE a good blow-out this weekend as a reward for my frugality! Log on to check balance again.


- DDMs for Council Tax, Water, and payment for that AA call-out (bloody cars!) have ALL come out! New balance £90.00, days to payday - 9, funds per day now only £10. 


What else can I ebay? 
Is there a Car Boot this weekend? 
Could I take on a 2nd part-time job?
What if I can't make rent?
Where will I live?
What will become of me?

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  1. Austerity in the modern world.... a sad tale for our times.