Friday, 15 November 2013

Response 8: Falling

I don't remember falling. It must have been earlier, I think, or yesterday maybe. It's getting light so I think it was yesterday. My hip is hurting.

There's dust under the sofa. I can see it from down here. I told her there was but she doesn't clean properly, just a lick. She's nice though. Always laughing. I used to make her tea but now she makes it. The council send her. Used to be every day but not any more. Big black lady she is, but you're not supposed to say that now. Tells me about her children, her son at the school. My children should come more. They have their own little ones now though, I think. There's a photo on the mantlepiece, that's dusty too. It gets everywhere.

When she comes she will pick me up. It's getting darker again now. I hope she will come tomorrow.


  1. Don't forget to call your mum!

  2. This one was MY favourite!