Friday, 6 December 2013

Response 1: Transition

Winter suits me. It fits me well. 

The transition from autumn excites me. 

I love the low light on the hillside, the majestic tree boldly exposing her naked form, the fallen leaves a blanket over her cold feet. 
Hot soup on the stove, big red cheeks and runny noses as you stand at the bar. Tousled hair and warm kisses. The beautiful mouth warm against the cold face. Winter loving in the warm bed, winter feeding in the cosy kitchen, hot chocolate, marshmallows, mulled wine and winter broths. Jumpers, silly hats and rushing home to hibernate. Winter bliss. 

And Winter houses my birthday. A time to stop and think about my beautiful Mother who gave me the tools to appreciate the beauty of each day. And so it goes. 

Then one day I can feel the Spring. And I'm ready. So very ready.

Spring suits me. It fits me well. 


  1. Beautifully written. I loved the descriptions in the first paragraph, especially of the tree. The winner! :)

  2. Evocative and poetic - a deserved winner