Friday, 20 December 2013

Response 2: Ding!

* ding! *
Oh, what fresh hell will the next three minutes bring?
So far tonight I’ve endured dire opening gambits including three “I don’t normally do this kind of thing”, two “I’m only here ‘cos my mate is desperate”, and two “Actually, we’re just here for a laugh, nobody does this for real, do they?”

Well, yes, they DO. Actually. Well, I do.

I thought Speed Dating would be a great way to meet potential new suitors in a safe, fun environment. Readers, I was wrong.

Unless your idea of ‘fun’ is self-consciously trying to strike a balance between attractive but not trying too hard; of approachable but not desperate; of vivacious but not too manic and/or pissed.

And the women! No camaraderie here, but plenty of sideward glances, snickering, whispering & giggling in my direction.

* ding! *

Here we go again….

“Get yer coat love, you’ve pulled!!”

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