Friday, 6 December 2013

Response 2: The Ginger Lady

Jimmy groaned as he came to. The freezing air hurt his lungs and made his eyes sting. Last night’s snow fall had been heavy. He pulled his coat around him. The zip had broken years ago and it gave him little respite from the bitter cold.

His back ached. His head ached. Everything ached. God, he hated the winter.

He took a long draught from the bottle, still in his hand from when he had passed out. He shuddered as it hit his stomach but he knew that soon the liquid would numb everything again.

Yesterday he had been lucky, the kind lady with the grey coat had given him a sandwich and a ten pound note. She had a lovely smile, it reminded him of somebody. Someone from long ago. Someone from a time before the ginger lady had taken him by the hand and he had lost everything. 

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  1. This one is mine. I have set myself the challenge of writing something a bit more cheery next week!