Friday, 6 December 2013

Response 6: Winter wonderland

Pitch black skies, it's far too early
To leave the house for hurly burly
Chilled to the bone, I grab keys and phone
and walk out to a winter wonderland

My car won't start, it needs deicing
Given it's age it's not surprising
I call the AA, a great start to the day
Waiting in a winter wonderland

On the news they say my route is closing
An inch of snow UK roads can't bear
Might as well be in my bed and dosing
Stuff the job I'm far too cold to care!

The AA man knows what to do
Back on the road, sat in a queue
I’m an hour behind, got sleep on my mind
Sitting in a winter wonderland!

Get into work, boss calls a meeting
Last month’s figures, I must be beating
“It’s soon your review, you know what to do”

Working in a winter wonderland

1 comment:

  1. This is brilliant. It must have been such a challenge to keep in within the 150 words and to make it rhyme too.