Friday, 24 January 2014

Response 2: Travelling light

Another day, another flight - my 30th in as many days. After 3 years as a travelling rep I’ve got the routine down to a tee. Everything I need jammed into hand luggage, no needless airport delays. Airport – taxi – hotel – client meeting. Reverse and repeat, that’s my life in a nutshell. Occasionally I get a fleeting stop at my city apartment but it doesn’t feel like home. How could it when I spend so little time there?

My traditionalist mother wants me to be happy, i.e. meet a good man, marry and have children. Sounds great but I’ve chosen career for now. Still, clock’s ticking and I’ve yet to meet my knight in shining armour. Ironic that I meet so many people through work but never properly – it’s only superficial meetings.

In that sense I travel light both physically and emotionally. 

“Hi, I’m Jim” smiles the passenger sat beside me.

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  1. I've spent many years as a 'road warrior' so I recognise this routine well! No-one ever chatted me up on a plane though. Well maybe once or twice.....