Friday, 24 January 2014

Response 3: Getting there

She came from Cologne. She walked into my life just as we struck up Hark the Herald Angels Sing. 'Which one is Sue?'
I was impressed with her ability to immerse herself in the lives of others whilst maintaining a dignified detachment. She loved her Manchester family.

Then two years later her work here ended. And an opportunity popped up in Mexico.
She stayed with me the night before she left.
Whilst she slept I took pictures of her luggage. Two suitcases and a backpack. All she owned.
I thought my head might burst as I looked around my home. Stuff. Everywhere.
Is this it? Will I one day be buried beneath the rubble of a half lived existence?

And slowly my journey begun. Every day digging through the crap that was stopping me breathing.

It's work in progress. But I get it now. This is travelling light.

Declutter the mind and get ready for life. 

1 comment:

  1. The winner! Because I empathise with the need to declutter - and also because of a couple of intriguing unexplained touches. Random reference to carol singing... and taking pictures of luggage!? And what happened in the two years? Made me feel that I was reading a fragment of a much larger story.