Friday, 10 January 2014

Response 1: New beginnings

I toss the last case into the van, slam the door shut and sigh in resignation.

Here we go again! For the third time in as many years, time to hit the road and find yet another new home somewhere else.

IT is a great enabler. It’s given me a career and handsome salary but it’s also ruined my life since that unfortunate incident. The letter of the law may say otherwise but these days, thanks to camera phones and social media it’s more a case of guilty until proven innocent.

In hindsight, I was incredibly stupid. Staggering home after an all-nighter, I was caught short passing the school and was captured exposing myself by the playground railings on a parent’s phone. The footage spread like wildfire and I was soon on a sex offenders register. Death threats, bricks through windows and shunned by the community, I had to go.

1 comment:

  1. One mistake, forever paying for it though. Sad to think this man has been driven out of multiple homes for a single mistake. Good take on the theme.