Friday, 24 January 2014

Response 4: Travelling Light

In the darkness, I am waiting.
Every atom within me is ‘pending’.
My energy is dormant - anticipating.
I am coiled ‘asleep’ - but I am not sleeping.

The cold is biting.
The dark all-consuming.
The damp is encroaching
And the dirt soul-destroying.

The inertia is stifling,
The frustration is physical.
The temptation substantial,
The waiting, intolerable.

The people are gathering.
Their breath is arising.
Their hands are freezing.
And excitement is increasing.

Gloved hands,
Wellington boots,
Muffled ears,
Two pairs of socks.

The small ones sit on shoulders.
The short stand at the front.
The taller lurk at the back.
The older stay indoors.

Footsteps: nearer, nearer.
Voices: clearer, clearer.
Upturned faces: eager, eager.
Expectations: turning to fever.

One joyous spark!
One magical touch!
One physical reaction,
One pure flash of life!

My power released, my energy free,
My colours are burning,
My moment complete –
I am
Travelling light.

1 comment:

  1. Loved this poem. Clever take on the subject, and it makes us wait before revealing what's going on.