Friday, 24 January 2014

Response 6: Across the universe

He is already past the moon when he notices that the light from the sun is surging past at incalculable velocity, and he hitches a ride on the rippling beams. The sudden acceleration is shocking; arms and legs stretched out into wires by the force. And heavy, so heavy!

He tries to estimate the speed of his motion, but finds to his surprise that now he does not seem to be moving at all. Or rather, the idea of movement has somehow ceased to be meaningful. And more - when he begins to reckon how long the journey has taken, he finds that he cannot, because time itself has stopped.

And finally he understands, as no other mind has ever done before.

“Einstein! Dummkopf! Traumer!”

It’s the flick of his History teacher’s text-book on his ear that finally brings him back to Earth, and he bends resignedly over his lesson.

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  1. My own contribution. It's well documented that Einstein was considered a dunce at school!