Friday, 24 January 2014

Response 7: My safety torch

Moving from house to house, 3 different schools, 3 different years, with dad’s job.

Scary new houses, new bed rooms with only thing that kept me safe was my torch in that new, dark room.

One move, I went to look for my torch before I got into bed in my latest bedroom. I couldn't find it anywhere. I was so distraught.

My dad however said.

"Fear not, Once the lights are out, you don't need the torch. Look out the window and you can see that the moon shines so brightly that the moon is your torch".

He turned off the light and to my surprise the moon shone through my window and lit up my room.

The moon has kept me safe ever since.

I’m all grown up and at uni now. The trouble is that I’m at uni in Manchester where it constantly rains and is cloudy.

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  1. Nicely depicted childhood nostalgia.... with a little dig at Manchester weather too!