Friday, 24 January 2014

The brief: Travelling light

Inspired by the (supposed) appearance of the  Aurora Borealis over Britain, the next topic is 'Travelling Light'.

Write 150 words on this weeks topic


  1. Query: over the last couple of Briefs I've spotted that some entries are 'missing' key grammatical words (poss through typo?) - am I being nit-picky in thinking that they're not 'really' 150 words in that case???

    1. They're most likely accidental typos that have slipped through the net. Sadly we usually only get a short time frame to get the entries posted so the attention to detail when we copy them across isn't always as good as it could be. In the spirit of the competition though, we ought not to judge typos too harshly - it's the taking part that counts!

    2. LOL - yes, I agree, I'm just being a bit pedantic aren't I?!?! It's the proof-reader in me!! (Puh-lease don't let there be any typos in mine now!!)