Friday, 21 February 2014

Response 1: The arrogance of youth

A smile of self-satisfaction enveloped my face as another, immaculately timed, one-liner had my class in stitches. This was my domain. My mastery of it was absolute, the figure at the front powerless to counteract my insouciance. Sure, they had certain tactics they could try to use, but we all knew where the sovereignty lay.
Standing in front of the class, I knew the moment to act was approaching, as the decibel level steadily rose. The self-appointed, ringleader was getting into their stride. The options clarified in my mind, the delicate interplay of the group calculated for, until one emerged. A carefully chosen question is all it would take. I knew it would be batted back with nonchalance giving them a, false, sense of victory. I also knew well the smile of self-satisfaction on their face, that in fact, was my cue to continue the lesson.

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  1. Love this one - as a teacher myself I can relate to this. Always one step ahead! x