Friday, 28 February 2014

Response 2: What IS IN the box?

Stare at the clock, tick TOCK tick TOCK. The sound is getting louder now. I can’t concentrate. Deadline looms and all I can hear is a bastard clock. No time to think of a clever interpretation of the ‘box’ theme, only time to get on and write…

Improvisation. Ad hoc some may say. I can do this. What can I see? A computer. A computer came in a box. Maybe it was struck by lightning that caused a technology-less apocalypse! Lame. A book. Once packaged in an Amazon box that travelled from the US, posted by a possessed man in the woods. AN EXPLORER. Wait, that’s the plot to Evil Dead.

What is IN the box? A head, a letter, a bunny, a gift? A gift that is a bunnies head accompanied with a letter from the killer! That’s it, I’m out. This Nifty is never going to write itself.

1 comment:

  1. Love this story, this sounds like me every week!