Friday, 28 February 2014

Response 3: Box number 8!

Omg box 8! it’s me! I picked up my box and joined Noel to start my game.

According to Noel I had one of the best games in history, having 1p and £250,000 left at the end … I gambled and I won £250,000 all my dreams had come true!

I woke up to my alarm, oh shit, it was a dream…but I really was on deal or no deal today so maybe my dreams will come true after all!

Box 8 got called. OMG is this really happening?

The game was played out almost identical to my dream… then I was left with 1p and £250,000, I had to gamble my dream was a sign!

As Noel lifted the lid the gasp from the pilgrims said it all! How stupid could I be…?

At least I made it in the hall of fame for the 1p in my box.

1 comment:

  1. Oh no, I always wonder what I would do in this situation. Actually I don't really I would definitely deal, I'm not a gambler!