Friday, 21 February 2014

Response 3: Free running

I love the thrill of jumping between high buildings, there is nothing on earth like it.  I’ve been a free runner since the age of 16.  I’ve also been a drinker since the age of 16, a user since the age of 18, but I’m invincible.

Up at 7am every day, bed by 2am that’s plenty of sleep.   Off to town today, but first to score I pat my pocket, the best candycaine money can buy is in there.

Feeling amped after my line I set off.  First on cars to get my height, then up a wall my speed and height increasing, up on top of the car park.  Wow that was immense, what a thrill.  I take a breather stood on the edge and notice my lace is undone, you’d think a fall from two storeys would be nothing, but no my free running didn’t help me this time.

1 comment:

    This one had me tense and nervous from the start - which isn't easy to do in just 150 words
    Another smart arse - he (or she) has learnt their lesson now for sure. Loser!
    SAY NO TO DRUGS it's not big and it's not clever and you just look silly or fall from a great height and die