Friday, 25 April 2014

Response 1: The Scret

Grabbing my hand tightly Harry looked into my eyes, are you ready? I couldn't control my nerves But we did it, 100 metres off the cliffside into the sea, the tide was coming in but we didn't care, we had each other. Around him I was different, I could be me. This was our world, our secret world.
My father would appear to be the doting type, a respectable religious man with a loving family. Being the first born son I had an example to set. My father living his life now vicariously through mine made me resent him.

The final ""meeting"" as my father would like to call it had sealed my future, my pending marriage was set, father had chosen my soon to be wife and the wedding date set. My only option now to live a lie, Harry and I's secret world would remain that- a secret."

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  1. Loved this one. Made me sad for Harry and his lover. Don't do it! Stay with Harry.
    The winner!