Friday, 4 April 2014

Response 1: The speed charge

Prosecutor:        Please state your name and occupation

McGinty:             John McGinty, Knox County Sheriff

Prosecutor:        Tell the court about events on January 4th

McGinty:            I was patrolling Highway 6 when I observed the defendant driving erratically. I sounded my siren and he accelerated so I gave pursuit.

Prosecutor:        You pulled him over. For speeding?

McGinty:            Yes

Prosecutor:        Please continue

McGinty:           I requested his license and registration papers. They checked out so I asked him to step out of the vehicle while I search it

Prosecutor:        You find anything?

McGinty:           A parcel in the trunk with a timer on it. I thought it was a bomb so I called it in. Turns out it was methamphetamine.

Prosecutor:        The drug speed? Why the timer?

McGinty:             He said he was coerced by the Mafia to deliver it to a Tyson Gay before time ran out.

Prosecutor:        Tyson Gay the US Olympic athlete?

McGinty:            Affirmative

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  1. Speeding to take speed to the speedy! Very creative.