Friday, 25 April 2014

Response 2: Wedding bells

I looked at my beautiful wedding dress and wondered if I should be doing this.  Sure I loved Dave, but did I love him enough to leave my life with my Dad?  Dad and I had lived alone together for years. We were best mates, shared everything, cooking, cleaning, laughing, yes mostly laughing.
We stood alone together, the last two to leave.  I started crying, ‘I’m going to miss you Dad’ I sobbed ‘aww honey, remember you have two homes now’ his eyes watered ‘you and Dave are welcome here anytime, I love you’ Yes I knew he loved me but things would never be the same between me and Dad.

Ten years, two children, another wedding to attend I am so happy.  Dad and his wife Janet are off on a cruise, me, Dave and the kids are off to Disneyland.  Dad and I still laugh, all the time!

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  1. Lovely. I can empathise with how that bride is feeling. But there's room for two men in your life. That's life!