Friday, 25 April 2014

Response 3: The bells of St. Andrew's

"I stood facing the altar until I was completely sure that everyone was gone, that they were already back home with their families or in the pub making weak jokes about me. The church was entirely quiet, but I noticed for the first time that even silence can echo.

 Stewart had tried to make light of it at first, laughing “she’s ditched you mate!” But after pained minutes and family phone-calls, it slowly became obvious that this was true.  He carried on with muted banter for a while, probably feeling that this was an unwritten duty of the best-man, though in a while even he tailed off and shuffled away with a nod.

Without warning, even to myself, I sprinted down the aisle and climbed up the ladder through the trapdoor to the belfry. I pulled every rope, madly, randomly, until the cacophony filled my head and made thought impossible.

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  1. Ouch! Poor man. Could this be Matthew next year? Haha... She wasn't worth it anyway. Someone better will come along. A blessing in disguise!