Friday, 4 April 2014

Response 3: Ode to the Star

When Sandra set off on the bus, there was no way she could know
that lives would be risked, just by driving too slow.

Keanu starred in this film, but it sure is a fact,
that it would have been better, if he’d learnt how to act.

With a long list of turkeys, she’s just turned the table
as she’s now showed the world, that she’s finally able.

The Blindside was moving, but it’s her journey to space.
that has made people realise, well…just that she’s ace!

With an Oscar in hand, you can see she’s come far,
but there’s more fame to be had, with this ode to the star.

If only she knew, a few months before fifty,
she’d gain glory once more, by becoming a Nifty.

So all hail to the Bullock, and long may it last,
let’s forget Cruise Control, as a thing of the past.

1 comment:

  1. I haven't seen the film and I'm not particularly a Bullock fan (though I enjoyed Gravity). A nice tribute.