Friday, 18 July 2014

Response 3: It's Buckingham, Not Battersea

One doesn’t just run. There is etiquette to be observed. Rules to be upheld. One cannot just eat when hungry. Dinnertime is precisely set. The waiting staff live to serve but do hate it when we flounce into the kitchen yelping for sustenance. It’s not becoming to beg in this house. It may come natural to our kind but it’s just not cricket and should therefore be avoided.

Speaking of matters to avoid, visitors are in regular attendance at the house but contact is not expected. Overeager attempts to curry favour will be noted and reported back. That means no leg humping, we save such etiquette for young princes who will remain nameless. Finally, our toilet training must be observed. Our royal business can be done anywhere but Mummy hates a pooper. It’s just not British for one to defecate on the carpet even if for a Corgi. Be warned.

1 comment:

  1. These must be the most pampered poochies in the world. Who wouldn't want a dogs life if this is what it consisted of? Great story.