Friday, 4 July 2014

Response 3: SMOKIN !!

Before the smoking ban it was fine.  I could sit in a restaurant and smoke my head off knowing that when my children smelt the smoke I could say ‘I was out for dinner everybody smokes!’ Since the ban it’s become more difficult.

‘Yuck, Mum you stink’ said my 8 year old disgustedly, my 15 year old joined in ‘don’t go near your work colleagues their smoking makes you stink’

I should stop, I am a single Mum after all and my children hate people smoking.  The look of shock and disgust on their little faces when they caught me mid puff in the back garden was enough to make me stop.  I felt terrible and would do anything to make it up to them, you’d think they were the parents and me the child.  But they were acting much more grown up than me.  Here’s to a smoke-free future!

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  1. This has to be my winner really made me laugh I can relate to this my dad still hides the fact he smokes from me! Haha great story