Friday, 1 August 2014

Response 3: In a case like this

Before the morning lights the street
While sodium still burns and rats plunder bins
Into the world of drivers and drunks
I’m taking myself away

Everything I own, in one case
Everything that has been bought, leastways
The rest is packed in my head
Or sleeping, insensible, in the bed

Twenty-three years, six months, two days
There are better ways to do this
Only a coward leaves like a thief in the night
But in a case like this, I have no choice

T shirts and underwear, toothbrush and razor
iPhone and books, read and unread
My favourite hat and second-best glasses
Half-finished bottles and half-finished conversations

Half a life packed up and zipped
Not even bulging, I thought there would be more
It’s amazing what will fit, when you need it to
When you have no choice
When you must take what you can
In a case like this

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  1. My own contribution. Bashed out in 10 mins in a last-minute panic :)