Friday, 1 August 2014

Response 4: Six bloody numbers changed my life and not for the better!

I´m moving on up. You´re moving on out.
Movin´ on up. Nothing can stop me.

That may be easy for M people, not so easy, for me.  I’ve worked here for 20 years man and boy.  I thought I’d be here until I retired or died.  Everybody expected me to leave as soon as it happened, but no, what will I do?  I never married, I do not have any children, any friends I had slipped away as I concentrated on building my career.

Helpful colleagues said ‘go on a cruise, see the world’ you can do anything now Jeff, just enjoy yourself.  I am enjoying myself – at work!  It’s my raison d'être. 

Monday meeting, Mr Hardman explains he is very grateful that I didn’t leave straight away but he has now moved my work to a colleague so I am free to go at the end of the week.

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  1. I wonder why he resigned at all? Maybe a snap decision, then regretted.... sounds like he has a bunch more regrets, too.